Doom and Doom II MIDI Files


The soundtrack of the games Doom and Doom II by id Software was composed by Robert Prince.

The extraordinary music of Doom and Doom II was composed by Robert Prince, who also wrote the soundtracks for games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Bio Menace, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem II, etc.  The creators of Doom, id software, wanted a metal soundtrack for Doom, but Prince felt a more moody approach was appropriate for the game.  He wrote many songs for Doom, and it was John Romero who actually placed the songs on the individual levels in the game.  The Doom and Doom II Soundtracks have both fast-paced music, and some very spooky tunes.

The Doom and Doom II MIDI files are some of the best game songs ever!!!

Here is the entire MIDI soundtrack of Doom and Doom II, in one ZIP file

The ZIP above contains both the Doom and Doom II MIDI songs.