Well, here it is, the links section of my site, which is sort of a central location for the addresses of all my pages, all my brother's pages and all my friends' sites.  Unlike the links sections on other sites, this page is actually updated every now and then and contains links that work (broken links?  Mail me).  All links open in a new window.

As many of you already know by now, Doom (1993) is my favourite game, and after I set up a sub-section on Doom at this site (which was here), agreed to host the site, and I've been a proud member there since April 29, 2001.  This site is regularly updated too and has all of my Doom levels for download, and also other Doom-related material (Winamp skins, desktop themes, wallpapers).  There are also technical/non-technical articles on Doom, and the most popular section - reviews!  A lot of the content on that site will not mean much to a non-Doomer, as it's intended to be a community site, but still, have a look and send me your comments.

My brother Varun also makes terrific Doom levels, and soon after his first release The Anomaly: Part II (which was rated 9/10 on my site Karthik's Doom Pages), Doom Center hosted his Doom site.  Currently, though, Doom Center is experiencing some technical problems with hosted site servers, so until they get it fixed, Varun's site is down.

This is Varun's personal site - and the temporary location of Doom Inferno.

Mrs. Kalpana Behra was my faculty in Semester B at NIIT.  This is her home page, and is updated regularly.  It has her diary, a notice board, articles and other material.  Also features a terrific collection of Wallpapers.

Blood (1997) is another one of my favourite games, and I made a site on it in December 1999.  This was my first site entirely devoted to a game.  It's not updated anymore, but it's got extensive information on the game.  Though it was an early attempt of mine, I still like the site design (and people have told me it looks good).

One of my earlier sites, this has a collection of Desktop Themes by me.  I don't (and will not) update it anymore, and I don't know how many of the links work (all the files are there though).  I'm linking it here just for completeness sake.  I was thinking of deleting the site, but after I got a mail from them saying that the site was getting a lot of traffic (though the counter isn't showing a large value), I decided to let it be.

My college's official website.  Launched 26 October 2001.

Friends Sites

Extensive, to say the least, information on Savage Garden, the band from Australia!  Basically an info site, though there are updates now and then.  The most recent update was of course, news about the band splitting up.

Those crazy monkeys... I mean webmasters... Tobias Münch and Pablo Dictter are the authors of this site, which proclaimed "Hellcome to Fehler 404" on 22 November 2001.  Look forward to both serious and not-so-serious content on the site.  By the way, "Fehler" is German for "Error".

Pablo Dictter's Website, with all his levels for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Wolfenstein 3D.

Tobias Münch's personal/games/Doom page, with his levels for Unreal, Unreal Tournament... Manga Drawings, and more... also the current temporary location of his Phobos Wad Lab site.

Srikanth is my friend from college - his site has a number of articles from him, technical info, and also a student's forum.  There's a section on music too, and a lot of other things you'll have to visit the site to see.

Harry is my friend at NIIT - he has three sites currently and they are Leonard's Paradise, a site on the band Air Supply, and a site on Aishwarya Rai.  The URLs are, and

Jai Kirdatt is another of my friends at NIIT, and his site has technical, non-technical articles, a section on the Zodiac, a Lyrics section, and downloads.

Sudarshan is a friend of mine from NIIT and this site is his personal page, with info about him and links.

Personal page of Sunil, my friend at NIIT.

Ganeshan is a friend of mine at college, and his site has a lot of his programs (VB) for download, as well as some Winamp Skins of his, some articles and game reviews etc.  He has another site on Black Holes too.

Sharad's Site, Sravan's Paradise, Karandeep's Home Page, Sasikanth's Page

Satya Srinivas' site on Indian Leaders is a well-researched large site.

Doom Sites

The Doom Sites I regularly visit are Doomworld, NewDoom and Doom Center.  I am also one of the level designers on a project called The 9th Gate.  The other members on the team are Varun, my brother, who designed the 9th Gate website, Pablo Dictter (Pablo's Place), Tobias Münch (Phobos Wad Lab), Damian Lee and Joel Murdoch (GG Inc.).  I also submit demos now and then to Opulent's Doomed Speed Demos Archive.  More links at my Doom site.  Opulent's site also has the most extensive list of Doom links on the net!

Other Links

I use Yahoo! Mail (primarily), Rediffmail (once in a while) and Hotmail (I get mostly junk mail there).  I also read my horoscopes at Astrocenter and Astrodienst OnlineThe Internet Movie Database is without a doubt the best resource for movies on the internet, and for movie fans like me, Drew's Script-O-Rama is heaven.  JoBlo's Movie Emporium,, Mutant Reviewers From Hell, Cold Fusion Video (Nathan Shumate's Reviews - formerly, Bad Movie Night, are the other terrific movie sites I like.

As you can see from the above, the sites I visit fall under the following categories - Doom, Movies, sometimes Horoscopes, and of course, email.  I do not ever go to (nor do intend to start visiting) educational, scientific, hacking, or adult sites - so don't ask me about them.

Three links that were there on this page earlier are, Something Awful and The Music of Cyberspace.  I don't visit these sites regularly, but I didn't want to remove the links either.