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Welcome to the Downloads Section of my site!  Here you will find some general downloads, and Winamp Skins.  Remember, everything here was created by me, if you want to use any of this stuff on your site, please email me at first.

Since most of the files here are in ZIP format, you will need an extraction tool like WinZip if you don't already have one.  And of course, you need Winamp to use Winamp Skins.
My Doom Site has some more stuff.

Download the K-Test Testing Engine v1.0 -- NEW
see below for details

Winamp Skins

General Instructions on using Winamp Skins
Once you download the ZIP file from here, all you have to do is to place it in your Winamp Skins folder (for me this is D:\Winamp\Skins), and apply just like any other Winamp Skin!
Remember, you can use the Winamp Easter Egg with most of my skins... in the main Winamp Window just type N-U-L-Esc-L-Esc-S-O-F-T and watch the titlebar change!
Of course, you need Winamp if you want to use these :)

Quake II
Click to see larger image
9 May 2001
Download - 195 KB

Ace Ventura
Click to see larger image
June 2001
Download - 250 KB

Dexter's Laboratory
Click to see larger image
29 July 2001
Download - 242 KB

Jackie Chan
Click to see larger image
29 July 2001
Download - 186 KB

General Downloads