The Black Cat

The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

1820s/1830s (I don't know the exact date)
Rating (8/10)

This tale by Poe is the very first of his works that I read.  Two places I have found this story are, in a collection of his tales, Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination (published 1908 - I actually found this book in the Little Flower Junior College Library), and Tales From Beyond The Grave (Gallery Books, 1982, it's a book with a blue cover with a gargoyle on it).

It's difficult to describe this strange work of Poe's.  The story is about a gentle, kind man who has, among other creatures, a cat for a pet for many years.  The cat, Pluto, and he enjoy a special relationship, that is, until he takes to drinking, which leads to him commiting an act of violence against the cat (cutting out it's left eye).  And this is just the start of the strange, disturbing events that take place as the story progresses.  What I liked about this story is the style of writing - the way Poe describes the thoughts, feelings of the character in the story make the events that much more scary.  Other stories which I like for this reason are The Pit and The Pendulum, Ligeia, The Premature Burial, etc.