Thanks To...

The paper was written by me, Karthik, and it's all thanks to the wealth of information I got from more than a year's regular visits to Doom sites like Doomworld (I must specially mention this site because it's simply the best Doom site on the internet), and the other sites/articles quoted in the References page.  I play a lot of Doom (if you've been visiting my site for sometime you know this by now) and I've got literally hundreds of megabytes of add-on levels.  My brother Varun and me also create levels for Doom.  I never thought this hobby of mine would actually lead to a Technical Paper on the subject.

The paper was originally written in Microsoft Word's DOC format, and I converted it to HTML using FrontPage Express and EditPad.

For the PowerPoint Presentation, I have to thank my parents and Varun, who gave me advice on everything from exactly what I should put on the slides, to the look of the presentation, and also a lot of help in practicing for giving the talk.

Every single Doom picture you see, in both the document and the PowerPoint presentation is from one of Varun's Doom levels (The Anomaly: Part II).  My brother is a terrific level designer, and his levels are a lot of fun to play.  They look excellent too, which is why I used them in this paper.  Visit his page at