2. What makes a 3D Game?

A 3D game essentially consists of two parts of software that allow it to run on a computer. These are the Game Engine, and the Game Data.

The Game Engine is the actual program, the software written in C, C++ or Visual C++ that is responsible for generating everything you see and hear. When the player interacts with the game, the Engine provides the necessary response.

The Game Data is what the Engine works on. Data could be graphic files, sound files, music files, level information, configuration information, etc.

Game Engine

Game Data

  • Interacts with the computer's operating system and hardware
  • Contains complex programming to respond to the player's actions in the game, such as movement, interacting with objects in the game, etc.
  • In a DOS or Windows based game, the EXE file and some supporting files make up the engine.
  • Graphic files that are used by the Engine to generate the environments on the screen
  • Sounds, Music, etc. that are used in the game.
  • The game data is either stored in a single file (with all the resources packed together) or in separate files (such as all the music in one file, etc).