3D Games: DOOM - A Case Study


Although 3D Games are created for entertainment, their programming involves a lot of skill and talent. A 3D game is one that presents to the player, a first- or third-person view of a realistic, three-dimensional environment.

The paper looks at the basic working of a 3D game. The two main parts of any game are the game engine, the software program that is responsible for responding to the player's actions and providing the appropriate responses, and the game data, which will include graphic data, sounds, etc. Special focus is given to the game Doom, and the working of its engine is analysed. Various terms associated with this, such as vertices, linedefs, sectors and things, are described in detail. Other game engines are also discussed.

The Doom engine is of great importance because it was what led to the development of the whole genre of 3D gaming. Today's 3D engines are far more sophisticated than Doom's engine, but they could not have evolved without Doom.


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